Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tau have messed up my painting desk...

So... back in the dark old days I used to play WH40k. I must admit that while I love the concepts and minis that GW have brought out, I am almost sickened by the price tag they slap onto everything. Regardless of all the arguments in terms of cost to create and market their toys, when you're looking at $45 AU for 12 plastic figures, it's not chicken feed.

Having said all that I've just started building a new Tau 40k army! Price be damned I say, I just want it! Not that I'm going to buy the army in one hit.. far too expensive, I'll just plod along with this as a side project to my 6mm Naps, which are still No1 in terms of priorities (

Anyway, being that it's 40k, I thought I would create a Tau army based (loosely obviously) on a futuristic Tsuranni clan Acoma from the books written by Raymond Feist and Janny Wurts. If you're not familiar with these books, they are based on the political mechanisms and upheavals in a fantasy society that is sort of a cross between ancient Roman and Dynastic Japanese. WHile the Tau themselves in the WH40k Universe are more into peace than there Tsuranni descendants (who in the above mentioned books where all about war and ritual suicide!), There's enough scope to play with the fluff... anyway that's the plan, and I think it will look pretty cool. The house symbol for House Acoma is a Shatara bird(?) which I would love to get some decals made in white for my Tau's armour, however, I have no idea if that is possible.

Anyway, I have painted a sample Fire Warrior which while he needs a little work (I really want to do squad markings but need to figure out a tidy way of doing it as I don't trust my free hand, and it would just annoy me to settle for less than perfect for them), I'm pretty happy with the colours etc... and the overall paint job I'll never win a painting comp!). It's not award winning, but it looks ok, and I can churn them out relatively quickly. Man it's such a huge change going from 6mm to 28mm..

Anyway it's never been my style on this blog to bore with wordy meanderings, so here's the first House Acoma Tau!

So there you have it... I have not worked out exactly what I'll have in my army, but I'm not particularly interested in any Kroot at this stage, I don't think they would fit the theme, however you never know as I will look at building up to about 3000pts so I can play the occasional big game.

And lastly, I am normally keen on a pretty tidy painting desk, but have let it go a little lately, so I'll throw a pic in there of that, as I know I'm always facinated to see people's painting/hobby spaces. Also, I'll throw in a few pics of where my Naps are up to. I think they are looking damned good, and am looking forward to getting a copy of Lasalle soon and having a game early in the new year. It really does look the part, so hopefully we can convince a few more Canberrans to have a go!