Thursday, January 21, 2010

Some 28mm SYW Prussians

I don't have a whole lot to put up on the blog at the moment, however I thought I'd take a couple of pics of a Prussian SYW Battalion I painted about a year ago. They are all Front Rank figures and I think they're pretty good and value for money. Sadly I found I didn't have the time to paint in this scale hence I went to 6mm, however "oneday" I will return and finish a Division.

Also I thought I would include a shot of a 28mm battalion next to a 6mm Russian battalion for anyone that comes across this blog and has wondered exactly how small 6mm is..

Also, I managed to get a game in of Black Powder using Mulburian era units during a recent trip to NZ. My friend Nathan and I caught up and had a quick game.. I managed to scrounge a win with some French forces (although I think Nathan was going easy on me!).

I liked the rules and will probably use them for some ACW gaming in 15mm in the future, as I think a more simplistic rule-set would be better for that period.