Friday, April 2, 2010

So.. where to from here?

So.. although I still have a few bases of my 6mm 1812 Russian army to paint, for the most part this is a completed army ready for gaming. I’m sure I’ll add to it from time to time, and no doubt I will get myself a second army (1806 Prussians are tempting), but for now at least it’s time to move my main focus onto another project. Still, I’ve wanted a significant sized Russian Napoleonic army since I first became interested in wargaming, and now I finally have one! Go me!

I’m still very keen on my Tau army for 40k, however it’s hard to justify the funding with the prices that GW charge. Having said that I’ll keep chipping away at them and keep an eye out for any second hand deals worth throwing money at.

One of my other great loves in wargaming is Ancients. There are many armies of this period that appeal to me, however none more so than the army of Gaius Marius through to Julius Caesar. Oh how very ‘cookie cutter’ in terms of ancient wargaming I hear you say. But really nothing, in my mind, can beat the disciplined ranks of reasonably similarly uniformed Roman (and by that I mean Italian for Marians) driving off waves of barbarians. So… to do this recently I had been thinking of again attacking the period in 6mm using the Basic Impetus rules. However, last night I dug out an old pack of Corvus Belli Romans and painted a base of them for FOG (which is by far the most popular ancients gaming system in Canberra from what I’ve seen). I was really happy with the way they came out with minimum effort, and so have decided to keep going and build a Marian FOG army. This will be my main effort for the rest of the year.

Once I get a few more bases painted up I will post some pics here.

That’s all for now.