Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's alive...

Yes the blog is still alive. I've just been a little lazy lately and quite frankly work's been full on so motivation levels have been rather low.

But... I have, as you'll see in the pics below, made more progress on both the Tau and my 6mm Naps..

I picked up a bunch of second hand Tau a while back so still have to paint:

1 x Broadside
10 x Fire Warriors
6 x Path Finders

My cousin Dan also managed to pic me up about 8 or so cheap Crisis Suits which he'll be bringing over to me in July when he visits (don't forget!!!). All up looking good and I even got a few minor games in the last few weeks. very cool.

My 6mm Naps as far as I am concerned are all good. I did buy a few extras so I could make another 4-5 Dragoon bases, 4 -5 Cossack bases, and another 5-6 Arty bases.. lastly about 10 more Inf bases.. but once that's done that's as far as I'll take it and will move onto my Romans.

Thanks for looking..

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