Saturday, March 13, 2010

6mm Napoleonics - change for the better

Well after much discussion, thought, and coffee drinking (some would have preferred wine however I'll not name names as wives may be looking over shoulders as this is read), we decided to ditch the idea of playing Shako/Lasalle with our 6mm figs and use them for much grander games using (at this stage) Polemos.

Every Inf base is a Regt. There are 36 Battalions of Inf here as well as 8 Regts of Cav. I've just finished painting the Lithuanian Uhlans, however the basing wasn't finished so they'll get some pics next time I post!

I have chosen to reasonably accurately base my force (at least in terms of Inf Divisions) on those present at Borodino. Pictured are 2 Inf Divisions and a Grenadier Division.

So without further ramblings here are my re-based figures based for Polemos Marechal de l'Empire.

So there you have it. I intend on having most of the Russians at Borodino represented by the end of the year but for now hopefully this will at least get us all gaming!