Thursday, March 29, 2012

Menoth.. by fire be cleansed.

I have finally been convinced to have a go at Warmachine, and while I initially planned on creating a Skorne force (Hordes), I actually ended up going Menoth instead, and I am really please I did.

So, here's my first painted mini - High Exemplar Kreoss!

I have always wanted to do an army in white and gold, so this is my chance. I did have to have a little Menoth red though just to keep any puritans happy.


  1. Man I love playing Menoth. I recently got into painting a menoth force myself starting with the two player battle box.

    Are you going to be using an airbrush for your jacks etc?

  2. Hey mate... I hadn't planned on using an airbrush although I own one... I'm yet to play my first game but the lads I game with play at my place regularly. And yep did the same thing, went halves in the 2 player box set with a mate and just added a light jack to make up 25 pts.

  3. Haha yeh i just kept both halves of the box...I'll be putting some photo's up of my menoth on my blog tommorow if you want to have a look :)

    I just can't go past the airbrush when painting white or any other really light colours to be honest