Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A little more progress..

Not a whole lot to report really, however I do now have a gaming table (pretty fundamental in terms of this actually being a gaming room!).

Also, I finally got my print on the wall.. and I must admit, it looks pretty dashing! The framing turned out pretty much exactly as I wanted it.

The other major thing is my glass cabinet is in. I think in the future I will likely need another couple of these.

I started a thread on The Miniatures Page in regards to how to actually do the gaming table top. While the table itself you can see in these pictures is temporary until I can put something better together (with storage etc...) I am actually pretty happy with the way the top of it turned out. All I did was die a white sheet of polar fleece brown, then spray paint it with beige, and two shades of green... I then added static grass in parts, and the odd area of rocks etc... hills were simply some left over polar fleece under the top-sheet, although it's still not stable enough yet in my opinion (those edges hanging over the sides look untidy too.. soon to be fixed though).

Here are some shots a bit closer up of the base cloth...

So over all things are looking a lot more like a gaming room. Still plenty to do though!


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