Monday, September 21, 2009

The fun part....

Here we go.. the fun part!

As I said in my last post I still have a glass display cabinet coming that is in the same finish as the book shelves. I've also been looking out for a couple of nice chairs to go in the corner with a table... somewhere to relax whilst another commander takes his turn perhaps?

Still looks bare of course.. I have alot of things to go up on the walls yet. But all in good time. Still waiting on that Napleonic Print I ordered ..hmmm..

And of course, no table! I'll fix that this coming weekend... then I'm pretty much set...

I've got loads of room to paint, and the other workbench will be for the bigger jobs (such as cutting up tiles for modular terrain etc...).

I've still got a bunch of books to move outside too.. but as you can see it's taking shape!


1 comment:

  1. This shed is shaping up to be the perfect gaming retreat. Looks great. Keep the pics coming.